About Desee Dating App

Desee Dating App aspires to bring together Asians on one platform in order to connect with other like-minded people that share a common yet diverse cultural background.


South Asians are from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Maldives, Afghanistan, Bhutan and Nepal.


Desee Dating App is a great place for Asians of different religions such as Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians to connect and date.


The idea of Desee Dating App is inspired by the need for a global dating app specifically catering to people all over the world with South Asian origins. The unique profile filters allow users an opportunity to match with people of common interest and relationship goals.


Desee Dating App aspires to bring together Asians from a diverse background such as Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Sindhi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayali, Maharashtrian, Kannada, Rajasthani and many more.


Be it that you are looking for your soulmate, matrimonial or shaadi match, new friends or just casually date, Desee Dating App is the new disruptive platform for Asians living all over the world.  


Desee is a free app which means you can sign up, create your account, browse profiles, get matched, chat with your matches and actually go on a date without paying for any of the extra features. Extra features, of course, enhance your experience with benefits.


Main Features:


- Browse with Simple Search and Advanced Search

- Chat rooms with various themes

- Swipe right or left on potential matches

- Upload Public and Private Photos

- Upload Videos

- Chat with people from all over the world

- Make Video and Voice Calls

- View who visited your Profile

- Block and/or Report Users


The pain of going through mainstream dating apps to find matches who look similar to yourself in appearance and then hoping that they are also of similar cultural or religious background has discouraged many Asians to get on with the trend of finding love through such apps.


Never before have our lives been so dependent on technology in every aspect of our daily routine, be it for shopping, work or interacting with family and friends.


The stigma once associated with online matchmaking is fast disappearing as smartphones have brought online dating into the hands of thousands of Millennials through popular new apps.


With the emergence of other global matchmaking brands, dating apps have become to be accepted as a normal way of connecting with new people around us.


However, these apps don’t fully cater to specific needs of British Asians who are modern, well educated, open-minded and proud of their origins and cultural background.


Download the app today and try it for yourself. It’s a great place to meet and connect with like-minded people of similar culture and traditions.